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    Folks, here is a very high quality hunting lease that I am familiar with. This is the real deal, turn key and has all the bells and whistles. This lease can be either a corporate lease or a group member lease, it doesn’t matter. Read the qualifications below and then contact me directly if you are serious about it. If you are looking for a trophy lease and much more, this one is the real deal.

    5,000 acre year round hunting lease located in the Big Buck country of South Texas. In extreme southern Atascosa County on the northern boundary of the McMullen County line.
    The ranch has been under game management for 16 years and has been under our family ownership since 1934. Located on the north bank of the San Miguel creek, three creeks, the Lagunillas, Macho, & the Live Oak merge on the ranch, making it a wildlife paradise. Plenty of good roads. 12 ponds & tanks. 2 are stocked with bass & catfish. County road access.
    Approximately 16 miles of fence, 12-13 of which are deer proofed. Large neighbors that are all under game management. Lots of virgin native brush with a perfect mixture of Big buck, dove, & quail habitat.
    Big 90 foot wide senderos are planted in improved grass for enhanced quail cover.
    Landowner (LO) seeks a long term tenant with a desire to ramp up the game management program to get our deer herd to the next level.
    Currently the ranch has a good deer population and the trophy bucks harvested have been 5.5-6.5 years of age and are in the 150-170 class. A few larger bucks have been taken over the years. The status of the MLP on the ranch is level III.
    Lodge that sleeps 16 is available for shared use with LO & employees. Kennels, vehicle sheds, walk-in cooler, and gun range are some of the amenities. Landowner as a family custom has always retained the right to hunt for the immediate family & a guest at any time with notice and within the bounds of the game management plan. In the last 16 years that right has been exercised 4 times:
    1) 2009 – One of our daughters, Ana, who was 11 years old killed her first deer, a spike buck, guided by our hunting tenant.
    2) 2009 – Our hometown football coach came and killed an old doe for the meat.
    2) 2010 – Ana (12) killed a management buck, again guided by our hunter.
    3) 2014 – Ana (16) killed another management buck, again guided by our hunting tenant.
    There is a cattle operation on the ranch. Cattle management is mostly confined to the headquarters area and is always game-sensitive. The ranch is never overstocked.
    The LO owns the minerals under the ranch and it is currently under lease. Activity has slowed down dramatically in the last 6 months and will more than likely come to a halt. Oil and Gas drilling is prohibited during deer season.
    LO owns properties in other counties where we manage the hunting so we are experienced in hunter coordination and interaction. LO has cattle operations in 13 Texas counties on owned and leased properties so his presence will be limited. However a part time ranch foreman that lives in nearby Charlotte is at the ranch every other day. The foreman is usually the liason between the hunting tenant & the LO. He has a great knowledge of the ranch and is available to assist in game management for a prospective tenant if compensation is agreed upon.
    A proposal is required from any prospective tenant & a detailed game management plan is a must. The ranch is not offered on a “bid” basis. However $100,000 is the base price for a year round lease. It is unlikely that a lease will be entertained for less consideration at this time. Weighty consideration will be given any proposal that includes improvements above and beyond the norm. “Norm” is road maintenance, keeping tanks full, lodge & appliance repair & replacement.
    Liability & lodge insurance is required. MLP compliance also is required.

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