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      This forum is for general discussions about deer and habitat management. Remember, this site is family friendly and comprised of like-minded individuals that respect whitetail deer and everything about them. We have added selected forum threads from Whitetail Domains so we can offer you some meat and potatoes right off the bat. These threads show up under "Cathy" but have the original poster's screen name and the date of the post on each one.
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      Hi Folks, After the first week or two of questions and issues, I thought it would be a good idea to have a separate thread dedicated to posting answers to your questions, sharing tips on the use of the "Ask Macy" forum, and to post news of updates and changes to the forums. Setting up and running a forum is a new thing for us so we welcome your input on how we can make things work better for you and features you would like to see. We are always working on the site, so look for things to continually improve. We are so glad to have you in this conversation!! Cathy
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