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Pond Management in Texas

Pond or tank management is very similar to managing a high fenced ranch. Both are contained environments with growing populations that generally have no way to escape. Managing the habitat, populations, and food availability all factor into a healthy and successful environment. We offer everything from initial pond design and location planning to fish stockings and population monitoring and reductions. A thriving tank or lake adds another level of enjoyment to a ranch that all can enjoy equally. Not every person that visits a ranch can shoot a trophy animal but everyone can have an equal opportunity to catch the fish of a lifetime!

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Fish Stocking

Fish Stocking Services

Fish stocking is a regular practice for most high-producing ponds in Texas. In larger lakes it might take several years before supplemental fish are needed, in smaller ponds it might be needed every year or two. As most ponds are contained environments, predatory fish, such as bass and catfish, in large enough numbers can stunt or deplete baitfish numbers if not monitored and supplemented accordingly. From stocking a backyard duck pond to a 30 acre lake, Spring Creek Outdoors can get you back on the water catching fish!

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