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We offer custom mapping of your property for the purposes of printed maps, web maps, GPS apps on your mobile phone or tablet, and geospatial analysis. We print maps on a variety of media and in a variety of sizes. Your property’s geographic information can be gathered remotely or we can do a thorough, on-site GPS inventory of your ranch that is as detailed as you wish. Of course, the more information we have, the more we can do with it in terms of geospatial analysis.

What is Geo Spatial Analysis

What is Geo Spatial Analysis?

What is geospatial analysis? It is basically the process of using geographic information to answer questions, plan for the future, examine changes across history, and gain in-depth information about a location.  If you have flown over your ranch during a helicopter survey, you know how different your ranch looks from the air than it does from the ground. 

GIS mapping provides a similar broad perspective of your property plus enables us to visualize what cannot be seen with the naked eye, such as topography, underlying structures, watersheds, vegetation patterns, water coverage and much more. Mapping and geospatial analysis have a special place in our business because they enable us to illustrate wildlife and habitat management concepts in ways that are easy to understand. They also allow us to communicate highly accurate geographic information for precision work on your property, such as brush management, pond construction, and aerial work. 

What Technology & Equipment is Used?

What Technology & Equipment is Used?

We use ESRI software and gather the data and imagery for our maps from a variety of sources, including the option of custom aerial imagery and data collection. 

We print and laminate up to wall-sized maps in-house using a high quality fine art printer and have another printing business on call for very large or specialized print jobs. 

For your convenience, we offer the following packages for printed maps, but can do custom sizes and media so don’t hesitate to ask!

Boundary map package*: $150

24x36” map on heavy paper or waterproof vinyl

Two 11x17” boundary maps on waterproof vinyl or laminated paper

Custom map package*: $225

24x36” map on heavy paper or waterproof vinyl

Two 11x17” custom maps on waterproof vinyl or laminated paper

*Package prices include initial mapping work, so additional prints will be priced differently as will updating imagery or additional customizations on existing map files. For example, additional 11x17” maps would be $15 each. 

Please give us a call or send us an email with any questions or to get your project started!

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