Forum Instructions & FAQ

Forum Membership

Only registered members may post to forums. To register, fill out and submit the registration form. When your membership is approved, you will receive an email. Keep in mind that this is a family-friendly site so rude or offensive comments and posts will be removed. Habitual offenders will be permanently blocked from the forums.

Forum Registration

We manually review each request within 24 hours of submission. When you are approved, you will receive an email from us.

Posting in Forums

Your first name will appear alongside your post. You may simply type in your post or you have the option to use some coding if you want to fancy it up. There is an option to upload photos and we have the image size limits set pretty high. Occasionally you may find a need to shrink a photo to make it work. Please email Cathy at if you need help with this. Make sure you tell her what kind of device you are using (computer, cell phone, etc.)

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