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    We are finally about to start the new year of deer chasing…however this year will not be easy as acorns are dropping making it more difficult to have deer coming to our feeders as I have a lot of acorns at my place.
    My cameras are showing some pretty nice bucks, no trophy but still good shooters. I will be hunting as much as I can and not to mention the great bbq and trimmings by some talented hunters that can cook. That is a good thing as I am no cook…glad to have such talent on my lease.
    I wish everyone good luck this year and certainly have a safe one.



    I’m glad to hear things are looking good at your place, Ducky. It doesn’t look like we will have a lot of acorns at our place in San Saba County. I have heard a few hitting the roof, but nothing like years past. I don’t bow hunt so I have a while yet to get my blind cleaned up and my rifle sighted in.

    My dogs and I walked the ranch this morning and saw several does and fawns. We also flushed up two coveys of quail, one was at least 25 birds. I had to clap my hands and give it a “woo-hoo” right there in the middle of the ranch.

    I’ll get Macy to let y’all know what he’s seeing from the helicopters. His survey season is getting up to full steam.


    Macy Ledbetter

    Thanks for the note Ducky and welcome to the new site, we appreciate your question. The hunting season in Texas is going to be outstanding! I have been flying game surveys since late August all over north and central Texas and this is an outstanding year. I am just beginning south Texas surveys and will be completing all mule deer surveys soon too. But initially, there are TONS of fawns, antlers are above average and deer are fat and healthy! Much of Texas is in great shape from a habitat perspective so deer are not going to flock to your feeders initially. Acorns appear to be spotty at best this year and food plots are behind schedule getting planted. So the season may start slowly at the feeders but will end up with a huge bang once they start moving more in cooler weather.
    As my beautiful bride points out, quail are back! Yesterday in fact I counted nearly 100 covies flushed from the helicopter! Tomorrow I will be flying on one of the most aggressively managed quail ranches in Texas so I expect 300 plus covies to be counted! This may be the best quail year in more than fifteen years.

    Good luck this fall and feel free to share any photos you want.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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