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    Parks & Wildlife permits are not all being used ….so the answer is to have “doe days” where you can take does on the specified days named by p&w without permits….hhhmmm…even where doe numbers are low and normally get 0 permits? I’m lost…sooo…p&w may have a hearing on this to hear what folks think. I still believe there should be a better organized way…but if you are trying to get a much lower doe numbers I guess that will help. We shall see…maybe encourage more road hunters..hahha
    So Macy….will this give P&W the answer? Are we at a point where we have too many deer at most locations?



    Macy Ledbetter

    This is a tough answer because of the varied situations. Remember, TPWD is tasked with managing deer herds on a COUNTY WIDE basis as opposed to just on your own land. Sure they do assist landowners on a singular basis but their primary task at hand is to manage a large-scale deer herd on a county wide basis.
    There are four times as many permits available to reduce the deer herd than are to increase the deer herd. To increase the deer herd, you have LOTS of requirements to meet. So keeping Texas’ 3.9 million deer herd in check is a problem while growing more deer is typically not.
    I tell people all the time–deer cannot add or subtract but they can certainly multiply! This means if you want more deer, simply feed them well and don’t shoot them and BAM, you will instantly have many more deer. They are designed to reproduce and multiply or they wouldn’t have two babies at a time. Mother Nature gave them two babies in hopes of at least one would survive and if you as the landowner help to control predators and offer them quality nutrition (habitat or supplemental feed) they will do their part and likely raise both babies.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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