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    Macy, I listened to you and Alan on his radio show yesterday….very good stuff. I recommend the Alan Warren show as I have listened for many years. I do enjoy listening when you are on as I hear and learn something new almost every time.
    When you brought out about water under the deer feeders is so bad, possibly making deer sick. Although I didn’t like it I just thought it will just be there for a short time and didn’t do anything about it. Now I will since you brought it to my attention.
    I now have a great young buck…about 18″ spread at two years old and heavy horns…but has a bad right hoof…don’t know what this is but he is also going down..very skinny …hip bones showing…I don’t know if I can do anything or not. Maybe water under my feeder may have caused this…just don’t know.

    thanks for all you know and passing on information…I appreciate that and that is why I am on this web site.


    Macy Ledbetter

    Standing, stagnant water is bad news, especially around feeders. The rotting feed, flies, urine, feces and mud all make for a prime bacterial breeding grounds. Deer typically have tiny scratches and cuts just above their hooves, along the hairline and down along their front legs. The bacteria enters through these tiny scrapes and cuts and things go south from there.
    It is very important to eliminate any standing water where deer tend to congregate to reduce bacterial infection because once a deer becomes lame, it is very easy targets for predators and it removes the bucks from any breeding potential.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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