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    Macy Ledbetter

    If you are using or are familiar with the MLDP permitting with TPWD, see below. New protocols have altered harvest data reporting procedures from this point forward. The new reporting regulations were slated to begin 2017 but recent developments caused them to start sooner than later, see below:
    Dear Valued Customer,

    TPWD has modified the harvest log provided to Managed Lands Deer Program (MLDP) cooperators to assist in more efficiently recording deer harvest data this season. This new log will also satisfy requirements for a cold storage facility record book and harvest log requirements for release sites receiving breeder deer, provided the appropriate data is recorded in the log. In an effort to simplify number of harvest logs a landowner may need to maintain and to avoid confusion created with maintaining multiple logs, this single harvest log was created to satisfy requirements for the three types of logs mentioned above. Use of this harvest log is effective immediately, and it should be used for the 2015 deer season. The harvest log is formatted to print on legal size paper or you may choose to use the excel file. Please note that Excel files will no longer be able to be uploaded to TWIMS, and the required harvest data (discussed below) must be reported directly in TWIMS.

    As a result of changes to the harvest log, there will be some changes to the MLDP program harvest data requirements that are effective for the 2015 season.

    MLDP cooperators will only be required to report the number of bucks and does harvested for Levels 1, 2, 3, and Mule Deer MLDP.
    To enter the number of bucks and does harvested at the end of MLDP season, click on the link for harvest data entry in TWIMS, find the harvest data for the 2015-16 season, and click on the “summary” link. Once on the summary page you may enter the number of bucks and antlerless deer harvested and click submit.
    Reporting deadline is April 1 and harvest numbers must be reported in TWIMS.
    MLDP participants will no longer be able to upload harvest data into TWIMS using an Excel file. If you would like to enter additional harvest data (age, weights, antler measurements) beyond the number of bucks and does harvested, you may do so in TWIMS.
    If you choose to enter additional harvest data in TWIMS for each deer you will be able to export and download an Excel or PDF file containing that data for your personal use on your computer or other electronic device.
    The new deer harvest log is attached with this email, but will also be available on the TPWD website and in TWIMS. The log is provided as a courtesy for MLDP cooperators to help you keep track of your harvest numbers.
    Please thoroughly read the instructions on the log at the top and bottom of the page for an explanation of what data is required to be recorded in the harvest log depending on what purpose you are using the log (MLDP, Cold Storage, Release Site, or combination of any of these three).
    You will notice on the log that there are several statements about what is required for the MLDP program. Please note that those requirements reflect what will be required for the new MLDP changes that take effect in 2017. Until the new MLDP rules take effect in 2017, only the total number of bucks and does harvested is required to be reported. However, we strongly encourage you to maintain the harvest log and enter all MLDP information to become accustomed to the MLDP harvest log and data requirements that will be required in 2017.
    Instructions for what is required to be entered into the log for breeder deer release sites and cold storage facilities is listed at the bottom of the page on the harvest log. Additional instructions will be emailed to release site properties through the deer breeder application in TWIMS.

    Listed below is a general overview of data fields in the harvest log and what is required or will be required depending on the purpose of the log.

    MLDP Participants should enter the following information on the harvest log (requirements when new changes take effect in 2017 – until that time it’s voluntary to maintain the harvest log for MLDP – but you are required to report number of bucks and antlerless deer harvested starting this year)

    Date of Kill
    Number of points R/L
    Hunter Name
    Hunter’s Hunting License Number or DL #
    MLDP Tag number
    MLDP log must be retained on site through the end of MLDP season
    Release Site Properties must enter the following (all fields listed are required effective immediately for the 2015 season):

    Date of Kill
    Animal ID
    CWD Sample Collected
    Note that release site owners must report harvest data on the deer breeder side of TWIMS to meet the new requirements. If the release site is under MLDP then they will also need to enter bucks and does harvested on the Private Lands side.

    Cold Storage Facilities must enter the following (all fields listed are required effective immediately for the 2015 season):

    Date of Kill
    Hunter Name
    Hunter Address
    Hunting License Number
    Also note that if used as a cold storage record book the log must be maintained on site at the cold storage/processing location and must be maintained at that location for 1 year after the last required entry.

    If a participant is using the log for all three purposes or a combination of any of the three, then the appropriate data required for each purpose (breeder release, MLDP, cold storage) must be entered into the harvest log. Therefore, if the log is used for all three purposes, then all fields on the harvest log must be completed.

    I apologize for the sudden changes on such short notice but recent events with CWD, emergency rules for release sites, and recently adopted changes for the MLDP program warranted a change in the harvest log requirements for this season. I appreciate your patience and understanding as we proceed with these new changes.

    If you have any question please contact your local TPWD biologist or you may contact me.


    Alan Cain

    White-tailed Deer Program Leader

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