Whitetail Domains Shutting Down

Thanks for the kind works guys, greatly appreciated!

The decision to shut the door on this project was not easy and immeasurably painful. Walt and I gave more than eight years of our lives to this project and countless hours to it. It required alot of money and coordination that can’t be explained here either but that is not a complaint at all, just the facts.

Our stats, or Google analytics as they are called, are off the chart good in so many ways. We beat the majority of the industry competitors if you prefer to look at it in such a way. Our site was extremely “sticky” meaning you guys were so loyal and dedicated and spent hours upon hours on the site looking, reading, sharing, learning, etc and Walt and I will forever and ever be grateful for your time and energies. We tried to offer what other sites could not and I think, and I pray, we were successful in doing so. We both feel like we are letting our users down and please know that decision weighed on us more than you will ever know.

The decision we made was based on our available time required to keep the aging programming updated and operational, our ability to gather and form advertiser relationships and the always-present administrative tasks at hand to keep such a detailed site operational. Simply put, we felt we could no longer keep the mark where we wanted it to be and we did NOT want to wither on the vine. We set our sights high and we feel confident we met those marks. We kept pushing and trying until it was simply and painfully obvious we could no longer keep going at such a high level.

The hunting industry is undergoing stress and turmoil like I have never seen before. I have watched this market since I learned to read and I have paid close attention to all the gory details involved. I have never witnessed such divisiveness, in-fighting and self-destruction ever before. As an industry, we should be working together, supporting one another and propping each other up, not tearing each other apart about how high the fence is you hunt behind, not if you shoot a laser sight or open sights, not if you want to bait or not bait and throwing punches at each other trying to mandate each others’ morals and ethics. I feel sad to be leaving at this stage in the game because we need to be holding hands and forming a defensive line to guard our goal line because so many others don’t understand our industry and want to put us down.

As I type this I am spending much of my time and energy at the state capitol in Texas fighting for our rights as hunters and landowners. Our military have fought and died for our freedoms and I am fighting to preserve them. I am not a military veteran and I have never bled on a battlefield or fought for my country, but I promise you one thing, I am fighting for our hunting industry rights and priviledges now. We must pull our collective heads out of the sand, grab the hand next to you and get seriously organized if we plan to survive intact. Shutting this site down now is not good timing from that perspective so I am asking our loyal and dedicated members to consider the alternatives should we continue to battle within and aid our enemies. We must, without fail, join together and quit in-fighting if we have even a slight chance of survival.

This site is shutting down but this doesn’t mean I am dead and gone. I will be around, likely in the brush or in the air counting or catching deer somewhere. I will focus my attention even moreso now on more landowners, more deer hunters and more habitat management. My dream is still laser-sharp and directed so know I will still be plugging along and doing what I am meant to do and certainly enjoying every minute of it. I do hope our paths cross again and I hope to keep in touch with as many of you as I can. Feel free to “like” my Spring Creek Outdoors Facebook page to keep in touch and follow my travels if you like.
Walt will be splitting his time between the hunting lease, his new deer breeding operation, his lake house and college baseball games I am sure.

As the eblast letter said, Walt and I are blown away by your loyalty and dedication. We feel happy to have met so many great individuals and to have left a positive impact on so many lives. Our hope is we left many deer herds in much better shape and we hope you are able to take a monster bucks in the near future because of it.

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