High Fences are Tools

High Fences are Tools

High Fences are Tools

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High fences are tools, just like low fences are.  Heck, FENCES are tools, regardless their height, material used, thickness, cost, color, or design.  Just like a screwdriver, hammer, or nail, either one is used to help get the job done that the operator desires.  If you want to stick two boards together, why use a tape measure?  Why not use a nail and hammer?  If you want to keep the deer on your property and your neighbor’s deer out, why not use a high fence?  If you are only interested in keeping your cows out of the bar ditch, why don’t you build a low fence?   Why don’t you build a cinder block fence and not just a net wire fence?  Why use barbed or slick wire?  Why metal and not wood?  Why not rocks or mud?

Tools, that is all they are.

Instead of your trusty .270 rifle, why don’t you use a club or 30-30 to do the job?  Instead of driving that old Chevy, why don’t you use a motorcycle?  Personal preference, that is why.  They all get the job done, but not in the fashion that YOU want to do it in.  Doesn’t mean that one is better, or worse, than the other, it just means you prefer to use what you have for your own reasons.
Personal preference.  It’s nobody else’s business as long as it’s your decision and responsibility.

Why do you wear boots and not tennis shoes?  Why not wear shorts to work?   Personal preference, safety, regulations, professionalism, presentation.
Goals and objectives and image and results, that is why.

Ear tags on deer, no ear tags on deer.  Supplemental feeding or no supplemental feeding.  Predator control or no predator control.  Culling too hard or not hard enough.  Spikes or no spikes.   Food plot or no food plots.
Tools of management, that is what they are, only tools to help you reach your  goals and objectives.

Tools of management are called tools of choice.  It may not be your preference or opinion, but it is the person who elects to use it.  Some use a hammer to extract a bent nail, some bend it over flat and others use a crow bar to pull it out.  You know what, the results are the same, the nail didn’t count.
Because we live in the USA, we have private property rights, choices, and can make our own management decisions.  You don’t have to agree with them, but we all have a choice.

Deer management in the 21st century has come a long, long way recently.  You don’t have to agree with, or even participate, in all it has to offer but you do need to understand and appreciate that we are blessed to have the ability to be our own bosses and decision-makers in order to meet our own personal goals and objectives.  God bless the USA and our military!

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